Super Comic Draft, Part 1

It’s the return of Dan to Ink’s My Thing, and what else would we be doing than diving into comics? It’s summer; Fantasy Football drafts are right around the corner, and Pokemon Go has just about taken over the world, but we decided to have some fun of our own.

We hope you’ll enjoy the first five rounds of our Super Comic Draft, a game that is one part sports management, and one part comicbook storytelling. It started as something fun between friends, but the results were so entertaining, we thought we’d post them for all to see. Some choices may surprise you…

Here’s the deal:

An unknown crossover villain threatens both the DC and Marvel comic universes. It is up to Dan and myself to draft heroes, villains, and other characters from across comics, to see who stands the best chance of defeating the new threat, and saving the multiverse. We know nothing about his or her powers or potential weaknesses, so it will be up to our characters to work together, spoil these plans of domination, and solve a crossover crisis.

Think you can handle that?

Okay, here are our rules.

Dan and I alternate our picks, and each is only allowed to draft the following:

  • 10 individuals (heroes or villains)
  • 1 team of 5
  • 1 cosmic-level character
  • 1 non-powered secondary character

Keep these things in mind:

  • Characters normally part of a team may be drafted separately as individuals.
  • If a team normally has less than 5 members, a character related to that comic title may be added as the 5th member. However, a team must not exceed 5 members, so choose your 5 wisely.
  • Superman, along with his cousins, have been determined to be cosmic-level. The same goes for many similarly-powered characters in DC and Marvel comics. To some readers, standards for ‘cosmic-level’ may seem a bit low.
  • When not obvious, we will attempt to explain our reasoning behind each pick.
  • Remember, these teams will not face off against each other, so it’s not your usual team versus team scenario. They will be (in all likelihood) unaware of the other team’s existence, as they face the new threat.


Round 1



A well-known genius, and perhaps the greatest tech hero of all–I don’t need to explain why Iron-Man is my number 1.


Because he can figure out anything, and my team will be based on science and strategy. He’s Batman. He really needs no introduction.


Round 2



Black Adam. Because I need some power on my team, and somebody who knows a thing or two about magic.


If Bruce can’t figure it out, then Reed can. Add to that one of the most accomplished teams in comics, who take on cosmic-level threats on the regular. That’s Reed, Thing, Johnny, and Sue. For a fifth teammate, I take an amazing Fantastic Four frequent, the one-and-only Spider-Man!


Round 3



Telepath, shape-shifter, Martian. Martian Manhunter.


Who doesn’t need a speedster? I’m taking one of the best, Wally West Flash.


Round 4



Steve and Tony may fight, but when it comes down to facing a serious threat, there are no two heroes who work better together. Cap is a leader. Enough said.


I’m adding another genius, one who may be dangerous to team cohesion, but who can also see the big picture, and is not afraid of powerful beings. Unfortunately, he’s also not afraid of seizing power, but he brings occult knowledge to the table, and an uncommon passion to win. I can’t not have Doom.


Round 5



Dr. Fate brings powerful sorcery, magical artifacts, and Nabu serving as a guide. What more could you want? We know nothing about this threat, and I need a resident mage in case it’s magically derived.


Since I admit there’s a danger of my team not getting along, I add someone who is all about bringing people together, the powerful mutant psychic himself, Professor X.


Well, what team do you take in a fight for your life? Is it too early to tell?

Many more picks to go, including Dan’s Team of 5, cosmic level beings, and a well-thought out supporting cast! We hope you’re enjoying this romp. So, come back to see how the rest of our Super Comic Draft shakes out, and which team is truly best.

Until then,


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