Message from the Author

Welcome to Ink’s My Thing.

My name’s Steven Lugo. I’m a writer, pop culture fan, and for the last several years I’ve had the unique task of playing P.T. Barnum for WYRM’s Gauntlet. WYRM’s Gauntlet—that’s the ‘only tournament that matters,’ as we like to say. And P.T. Barnum—he was pitchman for the greatest show on Earth. Herein you will find insights into that competition, and my own personal essays, which endeavor to be as fearless as possible. I invite you to read and comment, even if—and especially when—you disagree.

That’s me in the picture, the one I’ve been meaning to replace with a professional photo sometime. A New England beach unfolds in the background, and the photographer appears on the lenses of my shades. Like most artists, I have a real job in the real world, and try to get a real look into life from it all.  I like to read pretty widely, so I post book reviews from time to time. Feel free to send me some recommendations, too, even if it’s your own work.

My fiction and articles have appeared in places like Kaleidotrope, Comics for Heroes, FarSpace, and You are catching me mid-journey, and even if it takes me all life long, I will have many more experiences and publications to share with you.

Go forth and have no fear.



Me bright green