Harly’s YouTube Channel, Inaugural Entry

I found this a little while ago, and it’s not some game; it really exists. So, I present this in the hope that we can live together on the internet in peace: Harly’s YouTube Channel.

I don’t share this just because it’s the channel of an author who influenced me, but because Harlan Ellison has had such a glorious love/hate relationship with the web for some time. I love the intent behind the channel, that the videos serve literary history, and are there for any curious person to pursue. I think that’s what is best about the web in the first place, it’s repository of knowledge.

For anyone who might be wondering, Harlan Ellison (author of “’Repent Harlequin!’ Said the Ticktockman”, writer for the original Star Trek, and the guy who inspired the Terminator franchise) has long made his opinions of the internet clear: that it gives a voice to lousy publishers and writers who would not otherwise have one, that it promotes piracy of his work and the work of other artists, and that it’s just something he has little time for. On the other hand, he has gone so far as to praise the wit of some goons who thought it would be funny to write him into fake chat rooms, and other internet situations, thanking them for all the laughs.

Bear all of that in mind as you soak up his wise commentaries, updates, and biting interviews from the 90s. I’d like to especially point you in the direction of his rant about the Disney movie Saving Mr. Banks, which may warrant a closer look as a piece of revisionist history. Whether you share in Ellison’s cynicism, or if you are discouraged from clicking because of just the opposite, I’d say this corner of the web definitely has value.

You don’t have to be a science fiction fan to enjoy some hilarious vids, or to learn new things, and I’m happy to make my first blog entry as a real live author about this unlikely channel. Good luck on your journey: Harly.