#amreading Trainspotting

On Renton! On Sick Boy! On Begbie! On Spud!

On Nina! On Tommy! On Donner and Blitzen!

Tonight, we venture out of genre. I #amreading Trainspotting, the classic novel by Irvine Welsh, at last.


The wait is nobody’s fault but my own. I spend probably three-quarters of my time in genre, but you may be surprised to learn that I once called the film adaptation of this book my favorite all-time movie. To let you in on a little secret, though, I think it helped that I saw it well after the Star Wars prequels came out. My familiarity with Ewan McGreggor, and fondness of young Obi-Wan Kenobi was already well established. In any event, it always feels like everyone else has read this but me.

I am about seventy pages in. It’s hilarious and sad, and the Scottish slang does not apologize. Ye cunt, ye. So, am I crazy, or has everyone read this? Because I know everyone’s seen the movie.



Onward, and happy reading,


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